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Haptic Lab

DIY Map Quilt Patterns

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Stitch your way around your favorite city's streets, parks, and rivers, with Haptic Lab's amazing DIY Map Quilt Patterns. Haptic Lab has mapped out the territory; you make it your own! Hand sew or machine sew (or both!); use linen and metallic threads, neon and glow-in-the-dark embroidery flosses; applique prints into special zones (a Liberty of London floral in Hyde Park?); mark meaningful intersections and neighborhoods with embroidery, buttons and trims. Forget quilt blocks; think city blocks, and go to town! Each kit includes a to-scale map template and sewing instructions. All finished quilt sizes are 36 x 42 inches, except for Constellations which are 36 x 36 inches, and the World Map which is 32 x 42 inches.



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Ann Arbor 3002
Austin 3001
Boston 3003
Brooklyn 3004
Chicago 3005
London 3007
Madison 3008
Minneapolis 3009
New Orleans 3010
New York City 3011
Northern Constellations 3101
Paris 3012
Philadelphia 3013
Pittsburgh 3014
Portland 3015
San Francisco 3016
Seattle 3017
Southern Constellations 3102
USA 3019
Washington DC 3018
World Map 3020

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