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Robert Kaufman

Botanics + Architextures

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Robert Kaufman's wonderful Botanics + Architectures collection combines quirky, modern basics with evocative florals. The effect is drafting table chic, a design language that feels fresh and inspiring! Use these lightweight cotton prints for almost anything: gorgeous quilts and garments, bedding, curtains, and napkins!

Content: 100% cotton

Width: 44/45 inches

Weight: lightweight cotton

$11.40 - $11.64

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Fern Graph Paper 14262-30 White Hatches 13503-1 Tangerine Branches 14261-147 Tangerine Foliage 14258-147 Tangerine Line Scratch 14259-147 Tangerine Leaves 14263-147
Tangerine Hatches 13503-147 Curry Foliage 14258-291 Curry Graph Garden 14262-291 Curry Leaves 14263-291 Curry Hatches 13503-291 Fern Drawn Stripes 14260-30
Garden Drawn Stripes 14260-238 Fern Foliage 14258-30 Fern Hatches 13503-30 Blue Branches 14261-4 Blue Graph Garden 14262-4 Blue Hatches 13503-4
Lake Hatches 13503-73 Blue Line Scratch 14259-4 Teal Foliage 14258-213 Grey Hatches 13503-12 Charcoal Drawn Stripes 14260-184 Charcoal Leaves 14263-184
Charcoal Foliage 14258-184 Charcoal Line Scratch 14259-184 Ash Line Scratch 14259-290 Ash Branches 14261-290 Charcoal Branches 14261-184 Black Hatches 13503-2
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