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Roasted Kukicha Tea

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An earthy green tea made from the branches of the tea plant rather than the leaves. Heidi, co-owner of Bellocq, tells us that some people consider Kukicha to be an herbal tea rather than a green since the caffeine content is so minute. To brew, bring 8oz/250ml water to 175F/80C, steep 1 teaspoon tea for 5-10 minutes. This tea can be infused two times. $22 for 3oz/86g Atelier Bag and $60 for 4oz/113g silver plate Traveler Caddy. (The Woven Tea Strainer is not included but is available in silver plate or brass. To choose one, click on View More Bellocq below.) On sale at 40% off for $13.20 and $36.00

Content: 100% Organic, Full Leaf, Handcrafted Tea

$13.20 - $36.00


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Traveler Caddy
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