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Liberty of London

Tana Lawn Seasonal

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Often imitated, never duplicated. Liberty style is characterized by tender palettes, attractive flowers, and detailed movement.

Content: 100% cotton

Width: 53 inches


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2264a - Arden Mustard 3154C Plum Amy Jane 3162C Mint Matilda Tulip 3170A Green Farhad 3170D Grey Farhad 3171C Pink Flora Fusion
3171D Lilac Flora Fusion Pink Newland 3253a 3259A Pink Mitsi Valeria 3259C Red Mitsi Valeria 3271A Red Rachel de Thame 3271B Pink Rachel de Thame
3271D Green Rachel de Thame 3276D Navy Joyce 3281A Multi Angela Christina 3281C Blue Anglea Christina 3281B Berry Angela Christina 3281D Pastel Angela Christina
3289B Pink Hunter Truck 3290C Red Samols 4155a Isle of Wight Aqua 4155b Isle of Wight Pink 4162d Sheree Navy 4163a Delilah Cavendish Bright
4168b Eve Lime 4168d Eve Pastel 4183a Jess and Jean Blue 4184d Purple Tom Daley 4188c Milla Pastel 4153d Isabel Susan Olive
3253d Green Newland 4256C Gray Agandca 4256D Navy Agandca 4262a Green Elisa 4262B Blue Elisa 4262C Pink Elisa
4268a Pink/Yellow Priory Bay 4268d Magenta Priory Bay 4270d Orange/Grey Poppyseed Dreams 4271a Bright Sabrina 4271C Dark Sabrina 4274a Green Dulwich Park
4274d Brown Dulwich Park 4277C Navy Dominic 4278B Yellow Arrow 4278D Bright Arrow 4279a Turquoise Edna 4279b Pink Edna
4280a Aqua Poppytot 4280b Pink Poppytot 4285B Peach Ella and Libby 4285d Aqua Ella and Libby 4286d Blue Clarisse 4160B Queue for the Zoo Yellow/Orange
4160D Queue for the Zoo Blue/Gray 3236 Rose 1258C Brown Mike
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