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Londonderry Linen 18/3

This 100% linen thread is beautiful for decorative needlework such as very fine embroidery or counted cross-stitch. it is size 18/3; 18 refers to the thickness of the thread (12 is mid-weight, higher numbers are thinner and lower numbers are thicker), and 3 refers to the amount of plies it is made with. This thread should be used as is rather than separating the plies. 12 meters per spool.



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1830 Lilac
1850 Clove Brown
1890 White
1895 Ivory
1815 Cotton Candy
1820 Azalea Pink
1810 Wild Rose
1840 Redwood
1845 Cabernet
1835 Terra Cotta
1803 Canary
1801 Jonquil
1805 Maple Sugar
1865 Evergreen
1855 Persian Green
1860 Peacock Green
1870 Cornflower
1875 Bluebird
1878 Blue Bonnet
1825 Violet
1880 Ash Grey
1899 Black
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