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Liberty of London

Tana Lawn Classics

Often imitated, never duplicated. Liberty style is characterized by tender palettes, attractive flowers, and detailed movement.

Content: 100% cotton

Width: 53 inches


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7071L Edenham Pink/Green 0028G Small Susana Pink/Green 2090N Phoebe Magenta 4042A Poppy Danjo 4042C Pink Danjo 7013Q Mabelle - Maroon
9010s Purple Pepper 9010R Blue Pepper 1030e Pink Kitty Grace 4099h - Brown Mark 1031E Lodden - Blue/Aqua 1031G Lodden - Blue/Green
1031H Lodden - Lavender 1082M Gray Tatum 2019T Purple Betsy 5047A Green Ciara 5047B Gray Ciara 5047C Teal Ciara
5049C Blue Elizabeth 5049D Black Elizabeth 5051A Pink Gemma 5052C John - Navy 5052D John - Coral 5055a Primary Katie and Millie
5055b Blue Katie and Millie 5055c Pink Katie and Millie 5055d Peach Katie and Millie 5056c Blue Freya 5061j Blue Strawberry Thief 5061k Brown Strawberry Thief
5061L Gray Strawberry Thief 5061M Aqua Strawberry Thief 5062D Gray Marky 6038L Coral Meadow 9010J Lilac Pepper 9010K Orange Pepper
9010L Coral/Aqua Pepper 9003Y Pink Chive 2090L Purple Phoebe 7071g  Edenham Brights 1031F Lodden - Purple 6041C  Blue Burton
7071C Blue/Orange Edenham 9020H Blue Lord Paisley 3039D Kayoko - Pink 3037d Margaret Annie - Muted 5001c Nancy Ann - bright 1034d Grey Angelica Garland
0028A Yellow Susanna 4095J Poppy & Daisy - Multi 2031B Red Emilia's Flowers 9002W Elysian - Yellow 2031C Blue Emilia's Flowers 4095L Poppy & Daisy - Pink
0025A Mauvey - Peach/Green 1032B Orange Lucy Daisy 1032c Pink Lucy Daisy 7071M Edenham - Brown 0025C Mauvey - Pink/Green 1032F Rose Lucy Daisy
8018G Grey/Orange Droxford 6011C Plum Mirabelle 8018D Droxford - Multi 7013D Mabelle - Pink 1031A Lodden - Pink 1033B Hot Pink Mitsi
0026C Light Pink Fairford 3055R Pink Capel 5004B Toria - Pink 7073A Floribunda - Pink/Gray 9005G Thorpe - Pink 9010C Pepper - Pink
9020C Lord Paisley - Pink/Green 4099D Mark - Bright 6011F Mirabelle - Pink Light Blue 0027G Mauverina - Pink 3036A Pink Willow Rose 3039c Kayoko - Yellow
6011A Mirabelle - Red/Pink 9009J Wiltshire - Red/Green 1082G Brown Tatum 9010B Pepper - Pink/Green 9009R Wiltshire - Red 3039B Kayoko - Red
3038d Emma and Georgina 7013A Mabelle - Blue 1032A Lucy Daisy - Red/Blue 9010F Pepper - Blue/Red 2022A Clair-Aude - multi 1030D Blue Kitty Grace
1031D Lodden - Grey 3036B Blue Willow Rose 3036C Red Willow Rose 3039A Kayoko - Navy 0027C Mauverina - Purple 0027E Mauverina - Grey
0028D Purple Susanna 3055v Lavendar Capel 7013C Mabelle - Purple 5061G Strawberry Thief - purple 0025B Mauvey - Navy/Purple 9009L Wiltshire - Navy
0027B Mauverina - Navy 1031C Lodden - Blue 0028E Blue Susanna 0026B Fairford - Navy 1033A Mitsi - Blue 4099C Mark - Blue
6011B Mirabelle - Red/Orange/Teal 0027H Mauverina - Aqua 2019P Light Blue Betsy 3037A Primary Margaret Annie 2019A Betsy 3037B Pink Margaret Anne
1082a Aqua Tatum 2019D Turquoise Betsy 3055T Aqua Capel 1031B Lodden - Aqua 6011G Mint Mirabelle 9009P Wiltshire - Green
3055L Olive Capel 1033C Mitsi - Green 3036D Green Willow Rose 3039E Kayoko - Moss 5061F Strawberry Thief - Green 1032D Grey Lucy Daisy
0028F Grey Susanna 9010E Pepper - Gray 0026E Brown Fairford 3037c Margaret Annie Purple Green 5004D Toria - Brown 9010W Brown Yellow Pepper
1033D Mitsi - Grey 5061h Strawberry Thief - Bright 5061C Strawberry Thief - Navy 7071K Coral Aqua Edenham
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